What is Vlone and How it Started?

VLONE generally is a lifestyle: live alone, die alone. Individuals these days are simply adjusting
to that way of life, regardless of whether you feel excluded from society out of the blue; your
own reasons. Many individuals adjust to the way of life and show that way of life into an attire

Everything began back in 2013 in Harlem's roads when a pack of various multi-skilled
individuals, including artists, style creators, performers, and rappers, had a similar philosophy of
design and music known as a band ASAP MOB, launched a street style brand, Vlone apparel. In
a brief time frame, this clothing brand started to come up via social media and quickly acquired
popularity after ASAP individuals began to wear it themselves.

So who made Vlone? The first name that pops up to us is a renowned hip-hop band ASAP MOB. Out of numerous activities of ASAP mob clothing line, Vlone brand apparel sticks out and got
notoriety. This brand is owned by Jabari Shelton, organizer of ASAP MOB, otherwise called
ASAP Bari, ASAP Rocky, and Edison Chen of CLOT. In a meeting, ASAP Bari uncovered that the
meaning of the vlone brand is about collaboration; nobody is over another in position, and everybody contributes in their direction. Bari was the principal top of this brand and extended it further with Edison Chen’s help, the creator of the vlone attire arrangement. As quickly as possible Rocky, likewise an individual from the Asap mob and a rapper, upgraded brand acknowledgment in 2014 when he prodded the brand's shirt in his visits.

We can sum up the importance of vlone way of life as “you live alone, you die alone.” It is a
religion, a way of life, not simply a clothing brand, and individuals adjust to that way of life. The “V” engraved on ASAP Bari and Rocky clothing line (t-shirts, sweatshirts, and headwear) has
become the brand’s signature face. In 2014, the arrival of a music video by ASAP Rocky vlone came into public notification; up to that point, they have just dispatched T-shirts and hoodies. They presented other streetwear
apparel at Paris fashion week in a spring pop up shop that impacted the youth and rappers. The interest for streetwear expanded through Rocky motivation. They likewise had a spring up in
Los Angeles where they presented restricted vlone garments, which pulled in skateboarding
and other streetwear lovers.
These designs range from low to high expense, permitting everybody to appreciate premium
quality clothing.
You thought it was a men’s brand? No, the Vlone brought novel plans for the two genders. You
realize that young girls and young boys wear similar hoodies nowadays; subsequently, the
VLone's designers make plans that suit these two genders. In any case, other than similar
hoodies, they have a different category for young girls. These girly hoodies are somewhat
lighter in weight and engage splendid bright colors.
In 2014, VLONE appeared in its first collection. VLONE experienced partnerships with Nike in
2017 and in June 2017, VLONE took part in its first runway show during the 2017 Paris Fashion
In 2020, VLONE began working together with specialists, pushing out merchandise for Juice
WRLD, NBA Youngboy, the Weeknd, and more famous artists.
In a fashion week show, they presented splendid camo, sweatpants, and hoodies with the
Vlone logo noticeable and shirts or tees with orange letters "FRIENDS" written on the front. In
this show, the Vlone X OFF-WHITE collection was launched. The ASAP Rocky hoodies and
FRIENDS collection, which incorporates shirts, hoodies and work jackets, turned out to be
extremely famous.