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Vlone shirt is a fashion clothing brand that took up the street style look to the next level. Harlem’s street-2013-The time when the foundation of Vlone shirts was laid. All the members including those from different fields of art i.e. musicians, rappers, singers, and designers get together to make this look like the new casual look.

A hip-hop group named ASAP MOB combined to make a revolutionary clothing brand – The brand. Jabri Shelton launched the brand believing that there is no owner, no second lead but all work together as a team. 

Moreover, this teamwork successfully takes ASAP Bari to make the next big thing. Edison Chen also contributed to change the basic yet classy designs of Vlone hoodie and shirts with the help of designers. ASAP Rocky also took the lead and then ASAP Rocky and Edison added the extra spice to the brand.

Now that you know what is the brand about? You can get the clear idea that it is also a fusion of fashion and style along with art and simplicity. It reflects the ASAP in two ways. One is a fusion band in which every member is equally important and talented.

Another point is that all the members of different tastes and senses of art add their ideas and legitimately innovate the street style. So, by now this brand has set the street style that everyone wants to boost their casual look.

Well, the most important yet interesting fact about the Vlone shirts is AWGE. It is an agency established to show its creative results to the world. But no one knows what these four letters stand for and how this agency works. Rocky once stated:

“We all get together and mastermind how we want to take over, manipulate, or change the world in music, culture, film art.” 

The V logo

The V- logo of Vlone shirts hide a powerful message. It indicates its message of life alone, die alone. As V refers to “We” and lone is extracted “alone”. So, the message fairly describes as we live alone, we die alone.

Vlone hoodie is trying to preach the important message and delivering the ultimate impact of self-love. In this world, you have to be alone in all races. This is what Vlone hoodie preaches through its style. The rare way to deliver a strong impact.

Our site consists of many V-logo products. Most of which are tees and hoodies. All of them are designed differently. The uniqueness of v in each piece justifies its claim that everyone is different and alone in its way.

So, we can say that we have fulfilled our role by displaying the tremendous collection of V on our site. The legitimate collection utters the words of fashion, fusion, and a strong message without saying a single word.

V-logo on every product is printed and designed differently using organic ink and assuring its role in sustainability. The fashion with sustainability and optimum deliverance of a noble message is what Vlone is all about.

Live Vlone Die Vlone!

ASAP Bari modifies the saying of “live alone, die alone” into Live Vlone, Die Vlone. It is because of the ideology that this team follows of living alone. So, the fashion statement is live Vlone, die Vlone inspired by the American filmmaker Orson Welles, “We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone”.

Rocky and Edison Chen collaborated to uplift the idea of uniqueness and individuality. The products are all about their unique fashion style. So the slogan has to be different and unique in its way. 

Loneliness is a massive cause of depression and other psychotic disorders. It is a major rising global disorder that needs to be addressed. What else if you can deliver it without saying?

Vlone hoodie does the job all you have to do is choose your style to convey your message.

The fact that living alone is bitter and heartbreaking but it’s a truth that nobody denies. So the company took this point to market their products using the extreme reality of life. The V logo indicates the same message.

Our site has many pieces including hoodies, shirts and many other products that have a print of V logo. Most of the companies also use this logo to market their products. Merch enables the users to get a meaningful product.

Well, our site is the place where you can get genuine Products and the latest designs using the V logo to deliver a strong message most stylishly. We bet you will never regret buying these products from our site.

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  • Devil Smiley Creatxxrs
  • The Roots Picnic Tee
  • Tupac T-shirt
  • Stay Away From Your Friends Tee
  • Text Printed T-shirt in Black and Blue

About VloneOutfit Website

VLONE® is the foremost leading brand for a stylish casual look. You can find the latest and trendy products at our site. The original merch is difficult to get, but you will know how we have made it easy for you. So, you can get authentic products at our site.

Vlone shirts. Most of our products include shirts because of the lightweight durable fabric that everyone wants and in 100% cotton. 

Another amazing featured product is Vlone hoodies. These are the comfortable cozy pieces that are perfect for winters. We update our site regularly to bring you the latest top-selling pieces. Enjoy the hot winter coffees with hoodies. 

Who Made Vlone Shirts and Hoodies

Established  2013
 HQ  Harlem, New York City
 Founder  Jabari Shelton aka A$AP Bari

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How Does Vlone Shirts Fit?

There are different size charts to measure how it fits on your body.

How to Spot Fake Vlone Shirts and Hoodies?

With the quality of Neck tag mentioned in the image below, you can spot the fake vlone hoodie.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)


What Does Vlone Stand for?

As a company, Vlone is more than just a product. “Live alone, die alone” is a way of life. All of our lives begin and end alone. Having a buddy or a loved one to confide in is the only way to feel less alone. A vlone is described as “living alone and dying alone” or “living alone and dying alone.” In a single statement, this lifestyle may be defined. Vlone represents its founders’ lifestyles, thoughts, and values. Harlem’s freestyle fashion, where Rocky and Bari originate from, is the inspiration for this company. “What I do is take Harlem and put it somewhere else,” Bari said. Three co-founders were A$AP Rocky, Edison Chen, and A$AP Bari, from the hip-hop trio A$AP Mob. According to Bari, a lifestyle brand rather than a streetwear or high fashion brand. Harlem, the neighborhood in New York City where A$AP Rocky was born, had a significant impact on the brand’s DNA.

Why is Vlone So Popular?

It’s worth a visit because of its wide selection of American hip-hop music and fashionable clothing. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and headwear are all included in the streetwear line. To make things easier for clients, additional cut and sew components are included. With a wide selection of hoodies and t-shirts, this is the most fantastic winter clothing shop in town. The brand stands out from the others when it comes to winter clothes. Like Minus Friends, this brand arouses imagination and inspires the creative process. Relationships are established in designs by the designers. If you remove anything from your life, you are left with nothing. As a result, the phrase “without friends” evokes the adage, “Live alone, die alone.” Vlone Fashion is thriving due to the company’s dedication to providing the most excellent possible product. Everybody knows the company has a high-quality apparel line at a reasonable price. Everyone’s “Next Purchase Choice” because of its high quality and extensive range of products. By monitoring the market, the designers can identify the current trends and produce patterns that appeal to the tastes of today’s youth. Because of this, Vlone has become a famous brand among the younger generation.

Is Vlone a Designer?

VLONE, a street fashion company founded by Jabari Shelton, better known as A$AP Bari or Young Lord, is one of several offshoots of the A$AP MOB empire. Edison Chen, the inventor of CLOT, and A$AP Rocky are celebrities who endorse the brand. Jabari Shelton, better known as a Young Lord and A$AP Bari, A$AP Mob, and Clot’s Edison Chen, founded VLone, a well-known apparel brand. “Always Strive and Prosper” is the A$motto. When VLone initially started using social media to engage its customers, the brand’s quality and the audience grew. In 2013, this company launched a campaign that has now amassed millions of followers. Vlone is adding fresh twists to the market in the current globe. To claim that VLONE is influencing the fashion industry daily is not an exaggeration.

Who Made Off-White?

Virgil Abloh has been a mainstay in the current streetwear industry from Pyrex Vision through OFF-WHITE. Yellow caution tape belts and diagonal zebra-striped hoodies…do they strike a bell? It is impossible to ignore the high fashion x streetwear hybrid brand, OFF-WHITE, no matter how much you want to keep up with it. The origins of OFF-WHITE may be traced back to a ‘vision from Virgil’, which led to the brand’s rise to prominence.

Virgil Abloh, founded in Milan, has expanded boutiques in 15 places across the globe and maintained a star-studded clientele since 2013. Who would have predicted that Abloh’s sudden shift to creating high-end streetwear would lead to such success? The multi-singular hyphenate’s vision has always been the key under the clothes. Abloh had constructed a streetwear kingdom under the moniker Pyrex Vision, which many celebrities had embraced with wide arms, before branching out with his current company. Although Ralph Lauren’s flannels were repurposed and resold at a high price and with the title of his brand attached to them, he subsequently canceled the firm because of the issue. Despite the criticism, he returned with a new goal, and the history of OFF-WHITE was established.

What Does V Stand for On Shirts?

The Vlone brand logo has yet another variation. The “Friends -” symbol may be seen on the back of the clothing pieces. A huge “V” in a unique typeface mimics writing scratched into the wall. The “V” may also be seen within a circle in a different variation of the same symbol. Depending on where the character is positioned, its color changes. Typically, the lettering “LONE” is white on a black background, whereas it is black on a white background. There are a variety of bright colors for the “V.” Orange or black are the most common colors for the symbols “Friend -” and “V.” Even though the ordinary Vlone logo uses a more classic typeface, the “V” symbol is noticeably different. The Bundy Yellow font seems to have inspired the graphic.

What Were the Motivations Behind Your Decision to follow this Brand (Vlone)?

It’s worth a visit because of its wide selection of American hip-hop music and fashionable clothing. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and headwear are all included in the streetwear line. To make things easier for clients, additional cut and sew components are included. With a wide selection of hoodies and t-shirts, this is the most fantastic winter clothing shop in town. The brand stands out from the others when it comes to winter clothes.

The days of wearing hoodies to go for a jog or a workout are long gone. Everything is in style in the present day. New and exciting designs are popping up all over the place in the world of Fashion right now. Designers’ efforts to create more visually attractive designs continue incessantly. Because of VLone’s top designers, every season brings fresh, new looks that cater to a younger, more fashion-conscious audience.

The prices of these designs vary from cheap to expensive so that anybody may afford to dress in high-quality garments. Since rap music became popular, hoodies have become ubiquitous. Hip-hop artists, as well as other musicians, are influencing a new generation of youth. They have also introduced hoodies. VLone’s success is attributed to giving high-quality hoodies to everyone, regardless of wealth or status. VLONE is the only name that comes to mind when someone mentions hoodies, shirts, streetwear, outstanding items, high quality, unique style, attractive design, and comfortable feel.

What Was the Catalyst for the Juice Wrld Collaboration?

Higgins’ musical inspirations range from rock to rap, although he cites rappers Travis Scott, Chief Keef, and Kanye West, as well as British rocker Billy Idol as some of his most significant. Rap music lost a pioneer in December of this year when Tupac Shakur passed away. MANY INSPIRED Juice WRLD’s intense musics, which dealt with taboo subjects like mental health and drug misuse. To “reflect the transformation in the world,” Juice WRLD became his new moniker. Fame came and went quickly for him.